Solar has come a long way. Did you know you can often obtain a system with a pay off time frame of 5 years or less?. 

With a 30% Federal Tax Credit, you can sustantially reduce the cost of your Solar PV system, and use the dollars saved on your electric bill to make payments on the system if you are unable to pay for it up front.  

Commercial installations not only have the 30% Tax Credit, but are eligible for an accelerated depreciation program giving you a 5 year time frame to write off the cost of the system.

Call or email us for a free estimate on your home or business. All we need is your last years kWh ( kilowatt hour ) usage and your address. To obtain your usage go to and  register for My Energy. You can then pull up a bar graph of your last years electric usage. If you hover on the bars in the graph, a kWh total for that month pops up. 

Add up the last 12 months, email me that number and your address and I will get you an estimate in about 1-1 1/2 weeks.